Thick Leash

The Big Dog’s Leash


Built for Big Adventures, Made with Even Bigger Hearts

(For Powerful Pups Up to 130 lbs)

The Big Dog Leash isn’t just strong, it’s sustainable. We take recycled materials and turn them into a leash worthy of your gentle giant.

Recycled for Strength and Sustainability:

  • 60% Ghost Nets: We give new life to discarded fishing nets, rescuing them from the oceans and preventing harm to marine life. These repurposed nets form the core of our leash, making it extra strong for your powerful pup.
  • 30% Repurposed Denim: We divert damaged denim from landfills, transforming it into a beautiful and durable accent on your leash.
  • 10% Upcycled Rubber: Handles made from recycled wheelchair tire scraps add comfort and a touch of green.

More than a Leash, it’s an Empowering Story:

Our leashes are crafted by skilled Pakistani artisans, giving women financial independence and a chance to weave their magic.

Every Big Dog Leash Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Design (400 grams total): Built to handle even the strongest pullers (up to 130 lbs).
  • Vibrant Cords: Wrapped around the recycled rope for a touch of personality.
  • Durable Metal Clasp: Keeps your big friend securely by your side.

The Big Dog Leash is the perfect combination of strength, sustainability, and style. Give your big-hearted giant a leash that reflects their amazing spirit.

  • Weight: 400grams
  • Length: 4ft
  • Thickness: 3-3.5inches
(Great for big dogs up to 130 pounds)
These are handmade products that contain used plastic fishing nets inside.

We cannot guarantee the strength of any item due to the fact that it’s handmade. Every product may vary a bit in size, width and length.

We request you to always be mindful while using the leash on your dog as you would with a handmade leash.

As soon as the plastic net is exposed, please remove from your dog’s reach. It can become a choking hazard for your dog.

Because we are trying to create a closed loop of zero waste, we request you to subscribe to our website & get in touch with us to stay updated on how we are planning on making TRIO a forever product!

The purpose of TRIO is to use recycled material to turn waste into value through a chain of kindness that TRIO creates.

Thank you for being part of that chain.

For Dogs only ⚠️

Not for human use. This product is for dogs only. Do not use it as a belt or other human-wearable item.
Your satisfaction is our priority! For returns, please keep these details in mind:
  • Feel free to request a return within 14 days of order receipt.
  • Returns are applicable for unused items, If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.
  • Please be aware that return shipping expenses are not provided by us.
For any queries or assistance with returns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you!