TRIO stands as a social impact enterprise dedicated to forging a chain of compassion and inclusiveness, benefiting animals, humans, and the environment.

We specialize in crafting bespoke, eco-friendly dog leashes and toys from reclaimed fishing nets sourced from oceans, mitigating the environmental threats they pose and saving marine life. We actively motivate fishermen in disadvantaged communities in Pakistan to retrieve and clean these nets.

These nets are meticulously woven into exquisite handmade items by women in struggling circumstances who are the sole providers for their families, thus promoting financial self-reliance. Our core mission is to empower women in Pakistan. Moreover, the proceeds from our sales further aid animals through contributions to the foremost animal rescue initiative, ACF Animal Rescue, strengthening their efforts.

Our leashes are born from upcycled marine plastic waste that would otherwise imperil marine ecosystems. We incentivize local fishermen in net retrieval, subsequently training and empowering marginalized individuals to skillfully braid the nets into ropes adorned with vibrant cord. Ultimately, the profits from our sales reverberate back to supporting rescued animals at ACF Animal Rescue.

Awards & Accredations

Won 1st Place at the largest pet product trade show in North America

We are now recognized and accredited as an eco-friendly company

Love for Trio


I bought a leash from you at SuperZoo and when I decided to get another dog I knew just where to go! They are beautiful and sturdy!

Thank you!

Sonia dahani

Obsessed! Thank you ❤️❤️ He is so obsessed with this one Thank you for the precious toys and leashes!

You’re the best ❤


Beautiful product for a beautiful cause with a beautiful story behind it. A win/win. ❤️🐶 100% Eco-friendly . Sturdiest leash I have ever owned and beautiful to look at. Have already purchased 3 leashes for my fur babies and will be purchasing more of their products. Phenomenal work TRIO. Keep it up. 👍